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Athens baby photographer

Athens Child Photographer – Baby girl in red and pink

This baby girl looks SO different from her sister.. until she smiles. Then it’s like she’s a differentView full post »

Athens family photographer

Family photographer – Little toddler

He struggles, little leg hooked over the bench that’s taller than he is, tiny foot dangling, arms reaching andView full post »

Baby at UGA Founder's Garden

Baby photographer – Founder’s Garden

Time sure flies. Here she is, graduating from our Tales From the Crib baby plan. This little bird was just barelyView full post »

Athens Baby Photographer – One Year!

I almost can’t say this girl’s a bay anymore! She running all over, and not slowed down at all by anythingView full post »

Little boy little boy – Athens child photographer

I can’t believe this guy is already standing and walking!! This guy sure has grown up from his sitting up and View full post »

Athens Family Photographer – Generations

This family contacted us to shoot photos of this sailor outfit before little man here outgrew it. That suit has been inView full post »


These two are two of six littles in this family, and they’re so similar and yet soView full post »

Athens Baby Photographer – Teeny Tiny

This wee girl is walking and talking.. but still fits into 12mo clothes! It’s soooo cute! The end of this sessionView full post »

UGA family photographer – Campus baby

I don’t shoot often on UGA’s North Campus, but I do love it whenever I do! It’s so lovely thereView full post »

Athens child photography – Bigger boys

Like all children, these babies just keep getting bigger! I’ve been photographing both boys since they wereView full post »

Growing up

Can’t put this guy into the ‘babies’ section anymore.. not with him walking and talking now! This isView full post »

A little lady

This sweetie’s turning into such a little lady, not much of a baby baby anymore! Look at those curls and eyes!View full post »

You can’t help but smile

I was having a pretty awful day before meeting this family, but they’re so sweet you can’t help but to haveView full post »

Blue Gray

Has it really been a year?? This baby is graduating our baby plan, so I guess it has! Check out his sitting up session,View full post »

Big blue eyes

This guy has some of the biggest blue eyes ever! It’s so true that all blue-eyed babies look amazing in blue.View full post »

It’s finally fall!

This guy is a baby planner, but we’ve been waiting for his last session for it to cool off a bit because it wasView full post »

I put my hand up on my hip….

I might have dated myself just a little bit there 😉 During this session, Gailey’s signature pose was the hand onView full post »