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Another graduate!

You’d think that of all the times I’ve been to this girl’s house for photos, she’s remember meView full post »

Me and you, and you and me

No matter how they toss the dice, it has to be….So happy together! We were greeted at the studio by twins thisView full post »

Little boy, very blue

Okay, where on earth did those curls come from?!? His 7 month session and his 4 month session didn’t have thoseView full post »

Not so wee

This sweetie is one of our Tales From the Crib baby planner. He’s only about 4 months old and he’s alreadyView full post »

Super hot

Yet another session in the hot hot nasty miserable heat! Nasty for everyone involved, but the colors are SO pretty!View full post »

A lot of laughs

I LOVE these kids. Seriously, I know I say it every time, but I just want to hug them and smooch them all day long.View full post »

Pretty in Pink…

Oh good gracious!!! This little beauty is one of our Tales From the Crib babies. She is the most chilled, laid back,View full post »

Summer heat

This was a hot and nasty session out at the Botanical Gardens last night. I swear, I almost fell over from the heat andView full post »

More cowboy baby

This little guy is one of our most hilarious babies. He’s all sly grins and flirty smiles until a stranger picksView full post »

I’m feelin’ hot hot hot!

Oh my goodness. When this family and I met up at the Botanical Gardens for this sweetie’s standing session, itView full post »

Hello, ladybug

This baby girl is graduating from our Tales from the Crib plan, and I’m so sad! It’s always wonderful toView full post »

Mew mew, Kittycat Cate

This sweetie arrived so happy to the Botanical Gardens, but as the session continued, this just went downhill. I putView full post »

Adoption is fun!

Isn’t this family colorful? They got out of the car and I was like “Oh, I LOVE everyone’sView full post »

Really, does it get any cuter than this!?

Well, no, not really. But of course we say that about all the families that come through the studio! This little girlView full post »

Puppy love….

That term has a lot of meaning in this house! Not only does little man love his stuffed pup, but mom is a veterinarianView full post »


Celebrate love, celebrate life, celebrate laughter! As Miss J turns one, we celebrate her!!! We headed out to theView full post »

And they’re baaaaaaaack!

I have photographed this family since they got married! It has been so fun to watch them grow. Now that there areView full post »

Baby girl with blue eyes

Miss C. is back again and sitting up this time! We pranced around the botanical gardens, but she was so grumpy unlessView full post »